Japanese Taiko Drums

Japanese Taiko

Traditional Japanese Taiko drums

Japanese music is getting an international boost at this time. Artists featured on the soundtracks in Japanese Manga and anime films  are being discovered by a wider audience.  So the J-Pop genre is having a renaissance recently in Asia, Europe and in the United States. But of course there’s more to Japanese music than modern J-Pop.

There is older, historical Japanese music too.  From the Shakuhachi (尺八 – traditional bamboo flute) to the Wa Daiko (和太鼓 – traditional drums ) which are commonly played during festivals, court events and religious ceremonies.

I had the opportunity to watch an amazing performance of traditional Japanese instruments by some very young drummers on my trip to Kumamoto, and luckily I got the video camera running just as they began to play the last song in their set. True to their age and generation – ( The youngest looks about 6 years old and oldest maybe 16 ! ) they took the genre of Taiko drumming a step forward – I was moved by the way it was progressive as well as traditional . They used formal Kata ( 形 – forms) with their body positions and drumming style but also added some surprisingly funky rhythm layering.

Please take a look at the video.

For more Japanese blogs and lessons see http://www.japonin.com/

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One Response to Japanese Taiko Drums

  1. amblerangel says:

    Amazing to hear that excellent drumming from such young kids- so professional in every way! Loved the video – unbelievable that some of those young kids can do that.

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