Hakata Ramen

Rainy day weekends are no fun, but while wondering through Hakata looking for something to do I found a great but cheap ramen shop.

Hakata Ramen Noodles Shop on a rainy day


Tonkotsu Ramen is the pride of Hakata people and you’ll find an extraordinary number of stores dotted around the city with a cultural Mecca of the cuisine located in the Nagahama port area.   Hakata Ramen is a rich , tasty noodle dish with a pork broth base (豚骨 Tonkotsu soup) .

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen Noodles

     You can add your own toppings to suit your taste. The extra garlic (大蒜 ninniku), that I just had to add, meant I couldn’t have a conversation with any one else for the rest of the day ! But well worth the experience…

Choice of toppings ; Sesame seeds, Red ginger ( 紅しょうが ), Salt , Pepper and you can crush your own Garlic (just couldn't resist !)

And prices have been coming down recently! All this for only 280 yen.

Great price - only 280 yen

Have a quick look at a video of the experience .

For more blogs, videos and Japanese lessons see http://www.japonin.com/

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