Yoshinogari : a Japanese ancient, historical city restored

Saga prefecture, a flat plain surrounded by mountains - could this be the site of Yamatai ?

On the edge of Saga prefecture lies a site of great historical importance – The Yoshinogari ruins. Some argue that this is the site of Yamatai Koku – the original city and capital of ancient Japan during the Yayoi era ( 3rd Century BC).

A quick drive from Fukuoka so I thought it might be worth a quick look but was surprised to find the scale and intricacy of the reconstruction work that has been done there.

a Yayoi style housing unit for farm labourers and family

The main enclosure was really quite amazing – you could really slip back in time in there ! Especially with all the mannequins placed inside the buildings, going about daily chores and duties.

The Yayoi style ceremonial hall - spot the real person !

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