How to Study for the JLPT and learn to speak Japanese – Making of the video

To advertise the new JLPT classes and the normal Japanese language classes at JOI , I decided to make a video using simple animation.

Little did I know how tough this idea was and how long it was going to take me…but having found a homepage with free illustrations , I knew I had to give it a go !

After struggling with the story board – which I laid out using Open Office’s Presenter , I tried to do the voices on my own computer, but soon realised that it wouldn’t work. So I had to down load a voice recorder – I found SoundTap Recorder which more than did the trick !

Then I took screen shots of the slides in Open Office using the ubiquitous Capture-a-Screenshot and finally pieced them all together in Window’s Movie Maker.

The final result ? Well, please see for yourself !

See the video “How to study for the JLPT and Learn to speak Japanese” on YouTube .

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